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Media Planning and Media Buying

After the campaign’s creative production is approved and ready, it’s time to purchase media. 440 Group works with only the best and most experienced media buyers in the industry to effectively hit your target market. Our buyers have placed tens of millions in profitable media on television, radio, magazines, newspapers and on the web. Our management team works very closely with the buyers to remove any unprofitable media and increase frequency on the media that is pulling response. We also work with all reputable media funding sources which will allow rapid growth of a profitable campaign.

The key to success in media buying is ongoing testing and analysis. With improperly placed media, it’s very easy to blow through the entire campaign budget and have nothing to show for it. As a matter of fact, no aspect of a D2C campaign can waste more money faster than bad media buying. Regrettably, we know of media agencies who intentionally waste their client’s money just to receive their sales commissions – This is an outright disgrace! Through our vigilant daily analysis, you can be assured that your media money will be spent carefully and effectively driving profit to your bottom line.