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Sales Channels

440 Group is able to offer your product though multiple channels of distribution.

  • International Distribution – Live TV Shopping & DRTV – 440 Group is a major international distributor to over 80 countries worldwide. We’re your first choice in taking your consumer product international. Since 1989, we’ve been a world leader in selling consumer products worldwide working in over 80 countries and through over 1,500 distribution channels. Learn more…
  • Amazon, Walmart, Target & Others – To compete in U.S. D2C marketing, you must offer your product on Amazon. It’s also best practice to establish online accounts with Walmart, Target and others. The setting up of these accounts can be daunting, frustrating and extremely confusing. In addition, Amazon changes its selling policies almost daily! But no need to worry as you’re in the best hands with 440 Group. We’re experts in these distribution outlets and many of our clients do the majority of their selling on Amazon. We set up full integration between Amazon, Walmart, Target and others and your company web, fulfillment and logistics.
  • Direct Response Print – Our buyers buy only "remnant" print advertising. Remnant advertising is the available advertising space that is left when a print run is coming to completion. In buying remnant ads, we only pay 5-10% of the publication’s rate card price. This provide massive savings in media costs which drops directly to your bottom line. For proven products, many publications also accept per–inquiry (PI) advertising where you only pay for what sells.
  • Direct Response Radio – This includes short-form (30’s and 60’s) and long-form (28:30). Many radio stations also work on a PI basis rather than being paid for the airtime. There are also many underutilized opportunities in radio that the 440 Group has used to maximize total sales.
  • List Management – Your product sales and inquiries will generate a customer list that can become a very substantial source of revenue. The list can be placed and rented through a national list manager or additional products can be marketed to your list. As the list owner, you always own the list and have the final say as to who rents or uses it.
  • Catalog Syndication – Your product may be placed and featured in multiple national catalogs that directly relate to your target audience.
  • Web & Social Media – Through various methods including "direct navigation" to your own site or through any of our affiliate programs, products are made available on the web.
  • Outbound Telemarketing – Even with the high participation by consumers into the federal "Do Not Call" list, there are great opportunities to call your customers and increase their lifetime value. Our outbound telemarketers take a percentage of sales with no cost if a sale is not made. This provides incentive for them to produce sales and increase the overall sale amount by offering cross-sells and upsells.
  • Credit Card Syndication – This type of distribution includes featuring the product on major credit cards, gas cards (Texaco, Exxon, etc.), bank cards (Mellon Bank, Chase, Capital One, etc.) and on inserts in other kinds of credit card monthly statements. Even though direct bank payment of credit card bills is becoming more common, this can still be a highly cost effective way of maximizing your total sales.
  • Retail Distribution – Many of your target consumers who are exposed to your product message on TV, radio, home shopping, internet or in print will only buy the product if it’s available in a retail store (Wal-Mart, Target, etc). In fact, for every one person who buys from you directly, up to 20 more will look for it in retail. 440 Group retains the services of the best retail distributors who will place your product for national (and international) retail distribution.