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Creative and Production

Using Proven Methods For Maximum Results

At the same time the order infrastructure is being put into place, we will begin production of your creative.

440 Group produces consistent winning creative in these areas:

  • Infomercials: Also known as "Long-Form", "Program-Length Advertisements" and "28:30"
  • 60’s, 1:20’s, 3 and 5 minute spots: Also known as "Short-Form".
  • Radio: Long and Short-Form
  • Print Advertising: For placement in all major and targeted magazines and newspapers.
  • Web Site Development: Sites that generate immediate orders are called "funnel sites" because they are specially design to drive or funnel the customer into a sale.

With 440 Group, we work with only the top creative professionals in D2C marketing. We provide all the writing, creative, set, filming and management functions – and our clients get amazing creative with huge cost savings. This approach to direct marketing is very unique within the industry and a major factor in the success enjoyed by our clients.

We work with you to develop a winning creative plan and produce advertising that gets immediate response. Creative and production are the most critical areas in direct response. It’s where many of the best laid plans break down. Your advertising message is your only connection with your customer and if your customer is not persuaded to respond, your campaign will fail. The best product with an amazing offer and stellar back-end infrastructure means nothing if you don’t drive response!

The talented writers and production personnel at 440 Group are not only award-winning experts in production but also skilled direct marketers. Our group understands the process of creating successful advertisements that combine network-quality deliverables with proven D2C principles. The result is advertising that captures the viewers’ attention and motivates them to take action – now!

The 440 Group creative process starts with the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Meeting. The production team meets for an in-depth introduction to the product so that all of the features and benefits are clear.

After the orientation meeting, the copy platform is developed and scriptwriting begins. This is a collaborative process between the client and 440 Group to ensure that all features and benefits are maximized. As the creative development stage progresses, 440 Group’s production team begins the detailed preproduction process of researching consumer testimonials, product testing and, if required, location scouting. When the creative is completed, then comes the detailed editing and review process until the advertisement is complete and ready for testing.