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So You Have a Great Product or Idea . . . Now What?

440 Group has worked with thousands of idea people from every level of business - from Fortune 500 companies to some very bright individuals. No matter what the product or service is, there's a common thread that runs through all great direct-to-consumer ideas: Mass Appeal. As simple as this may sound, it's the #1 indicator of success for a consumer product or service. But mass appeal is just the start. Unfortunately, we've seen the following scenario play out more times then we can count: An idea person develops a great concept, product or service. They then seek advice from the wrong source - with tragic results. The great idea with the potential to generate millions and provide true benefit to consumers worldwide ends up a failure. What a shame. This doesn't have to happen.

Many failed ideas could have been successful if they had only received proper professional marketing advice. Matter of fact, many previously failed products have been brought to our group and turned profitable. With 440 Group, you get real-world, step-by-step advice starting with a free consultation to answer:

  • Does my product or idea have real potential? Is it suitable for D2C marketing?
  • What are the steps to bring my product to market?
  • How much investment capital will I need and how do I get funded?
  • Is my product right for U.S., international or for all markets?
  • What is the potential profit?

These questions are just the start. Since 1989 and with hundreds of successful products brought to market, 440 Group is the one agency with the answers you need and the power to make it happen.