The Direct Response Specialists We Drive Sales - Worldwide!

440 Group is a very unique Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) marketing and distribution agency. Our sole purpose is building highly profitable D2C campaigns and mass-market U.S. and international distribution channels. Our success depends on your success.

Since 1989, we know exactly what does and doesn't work in D2C and mass-market distribution. Our proven approach to D2C has resulted in hundreds of successful high margin campaigns. We don't blaze new trails. Instead, we use well proven marketing and distribution methods that generate substantial volume and profit. This makes us unique within the industry and it's a major factor in the success enjoyed by our clients. Because we work with campaigns of all sizes, our services are tailored.

440 Group works with all major U.S. vendors and in over 80 countries with 1,500 distributors worldwide. President Nick Cirmo is one of the most respected and innovative people in D2C marketing. He and his team of experts are ready to assist you in every aspect of your direct marketing - from concept to consumer.