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Campaign Management

Once your campaign is tested and proven profitable, 440 Group will provide daily in-depth analysis to manage, analyze, and maximize the campaign’s profitability. A successful test is just the start. Once a marketing "control" is established, we can then test against this control to make sure we are maximizing profitability and increasing customer lifetime value.

The overall success of your campaign will ultimately be evaluated on whether it achieves your objectives. Analyzing your daily media results is just one step in providing an accurate financial picture of a D2C campaign. A comprehensive financial analysis must incorporate many other factors including costs of manufacturing, credit card processing, telemarketing, web, fulfillment, customer service and international distribution. In addition, we must study the impact of product returns, credit card declines, payments by check, and literally hundreds of other key performance indicators (KPI) unique to your campaign. This level of detailed daily management and aggressive testing of new offers against campaign controls sets 440 Group far above most D2C agencies.

Our campaign management focuses on making your already successful marketing campaign an ongoing profitable venture. These management functions include:

  • Ongoing management of all back-end operations and vendors including media buyers, telemarketing, web, fulfillment, credit card processing and online vendors such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and others.
  • Analysis of campaign expenditures and results.
  • Development, testing, and implementation of new direct and retail marketing approaches for U.S, and international markets.
  • Introduction to additional media and campaign funding sources.