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Campaign Set Up

Establishing & Testing Bulletproof Ordering Systems

Once we’ve evaluated the market potential of your D2C product, it’s time to set up the business end (or "Back End") of your campaign. This is the infrastructure necessary for customers to place their orders and for these orders to get delivered to the customer. Tested and problem-free ordering systems are critical to a successful campaign both is the U.S. and internationally.

440 Group works with and manages only the best service vendors in the industry for your campaign.

There are six major order processing services:

Inbound Telemarketing

Depending on campaign needs, this vendor will be chosen and trained to take orders for your product. Unlike other agencies who use just one center, your calls have the option of being placed into our "cloud teleservice" system where we distribute calls to the best performing agents of multiple service centers truly maximizing your campaign success. In addition, your campaign may be better served with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call center. There can be substantial cost savings using IVR and it’s an option that must be addressed.

Web Site Development & Hosting

Depending on your offer and target market, a percentage of orders will come through your company website. It’s crucial that your website "funnel" customers into a shopping cart or drive to telemarketing. Otherwise the impulse is gone – and so is your customer!

Fulfillment & Order Processing

This vendor will provide inventory warehousing, packing, shipping, and payment processing through your credit card merchant account and through checks and money orders.

Amazon, Walmart, Target & Others

To compete in U.S. D2C marketing, you must offer your product on Amazon. It’s also best practice to establish online accounts with Walmart, Target and others. The setting up of these accounts can be daunting, frustrating and extremely confusing. In addition, Amazon changes its selling policies almost daily! But no need to worry as you’re in the best hands with 440 Group. We’re experts in these distribution outlets and many of our clients do the majority of their selling on Amazon. We set up full integration between Amazon, Walmart, Target and others and your company web, fulfillment and logistics.

Credit Card Merchant Account / Check Debit

In order for your customers to pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, you will need to establish a Credit Card Merchant Account for Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover®. The merchant account contract is similar to a new bank line of credit and a banking relationship with a credit card processor will need to be established. Although a review of marketing materials will be required, establishing a merchant account will fundamentally be a credit decision by the processor. In addition to a merchant account, it’s a best practice to take checks over the phone (Check Debit). With the options of paying by credit card, check debit and mailing in a check or money order, you will maximize your sales conversion.

Customer Service Center

After a sale, your customers may have questions on their order or want answers on product usage. They may also want a refund or exchange. Excellent customer service and problem resolution is critical to profitability and long-term success. Also critical are "save the sale" techniques to convert a customer calling to place a return into a happy customer choosing to keep the product. 440 Group sets up then fully trains customer service personnel to insure your customers are all treated just like you would expect to be treated.