The Direct Response Specialists We Drive Sales - Worldwide!

About Us

440 Group is a very unique marketing firm whose sole purpose is to assist our clients in building profitable campaigns and businesses through direct response (D2C) marketing. Our success depends on our client’s success. We’re the brains and management behind many top performing D2C campaigns and provide the same high-level of marketing expertise to Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. Matter of fact, we’ve taken many start-ups to many millions in sales. We perform in all aspects of D2C including television (infomercials and spots), radio, print, web, and social media with extensive international product distribution into over 80 countries.

Founded in 1989, we know what does and doesn’t work in the world of direct marketing. 440 Group believes that every successful direct marketing campaign must be approached with the target consumer solely in mind. It may sound strange, but it doesn’t matter what we think – and it doesn’t matter what you think either! The perception of the customer is where the focus must be and is the absolute key to successful D2C marketing. In order for your product or service to be successful, your message must result in a response from the target consumer. Will the consumer find enough benefit in the offer to respond? If not, then the effort has failed. Does your product provide a real solution to a real problem? It must or you will not create a sale.

Only Top Professionals on Your Campaign

Ever product, service and campaign is unique. Because each is unique, every campaign needs specialized care at every step. Many service providers and agencies use a cookie cutter approach to D2C marketing – Let’s throw it against the wall and see if it sticks! These techniques may have worked in the past but they certainly don’t work now. Every single aspect of your campaign needs attention. As we say, we need to get 10 out of 10 things correct. We have seen many D2C products and services fail solely through lack of attention and poor service. When you work with 440 Group, you work with only the top professionals in direct response. Whether it’s one of our highly experienced team members or a managed outside vendor, only senior-level professionals work on your account.

What is the Significance of 440 in 440 Group?

A well-run direct response marketing campaign is very much like a well-rehearsed orchestra. In the launch and management of a campaign, all aspects must be "in tune" or the endeavor will certainly fail. The 440 Group name derives from the perfect pitch of a note which is 440 HZ (or Hertz). Our job as an accredited and acclaimed marketing agency is to orchestrate success for our clients, and just as a conductor oversees that his musicians are performing at their peak, so too does the 440 Group conduct and manage your campaign. President & Managing Owner Nick Cirmo is one of the most respected and innovative people in U.S. and international direct marketing and a popular speaker on D2C marketing. He and his team of experts are ready to assist you in every aspect of your direct marketing needs.