We’re Different

440 Group Is Different From Other Marketing Agencies
With over 25 years of success working hand-in-hand with idea people and businesses, 440 Group provides the sound advice and vast experience you need for success in direct response marketing. Unlike many direct response agencies, consultants or “invention companies,”

440 Group ‘s mission is not to make quick money on fees. Instead, our purpose is to provide our clients with the highly valuable agency services, professional consultation and proven advice that will help them build a profitable business through direct response marketing. We’re interested in establishing long-term relationships with our clients and our success is based on your success.

The Myth of the Mega Agency
Unlike so-called “One-Stop Shop” Mega Agencies, 440 Group works with all major vendors and venture investors in the direct response industry. This is a very important difference. This is because Mega Agencies have a massive overhead and complete all functions in-house – whether or not they have the expertise! This means that every service associated with your campaign will be delegated to one of their employees. “But it’s all the services I need under one roof!” So what happens when their senior-level people are servicing their largest accounts? Your campaign gets assigned to a mid-level or even junior-level employee under that one roof! The 440 Group is very different. We hire and manage only the top professionals in direct response. Whether we use one of our highly experienced team members or manage outside experts, with 440 Group only the very best senior-level direct marketing professionals work on your account. For example, instead of financing a costly edit studio with last year’s technology, we contract our editing on a project-by-project basis with one of our state-of-the-art partners. We provide all the important writing, creative, set, filming and management functions (the services that actually create response) and you get amazing productions with substantial cost savings. This approach to direct marketing and creative production is very unique within the industry and a major factor in the success enjoyed by our clients. Because we work with clients of all sizes, our services are tailored to your needs.

Media Buying – Make Or Break Your Campaign
Media is the most important aspect of your campaign. It’s your highest expenditure and where campaigns fail or succeed. Because media buying is so important to success, marketers don’t like to leave this in the hands of an outside media buyer. To properly manage TV, Radio, Print and other DR media, many marketers use the 440 Group .

There is a reason that vendors who make their money on campaign success recommend us. They know that by maximizing your media, you will then buy more media and ultimately drive a very successful campaign.

For each campaign, we choose the best media buyer for the specific product or service. Each media buyer has categories in which they excel and those categories which they should not be buying. We charge a flat fee per month fee to oversee and manage both your media buys and the reporting process. This fee does not increase based on media purchases. We are so proficient at media management and have so many clients that use us that we’re able to provide this highly valuable service at a fair flat rate. By having 440 Group on your side and watching over your media, you’re assured that media is purchased in only the most favorable markets and at the best rates. As the campaign progresses, we will work together for your success and make recommendations to increase your profitability. As a full service agency, we can provide any services your campaign needs.

We Use Only Tried & True Marketing Methods
440 Group does not try to “blaze new trails” for our clients. “Why?,” you may ask. “Doesn’t 440 Group want to be known as the state-of-the-art marketing trendsetter?” The answer is: Absolutely not. In the past 40 years of direct marketing, distinct successful marketing formulas and repeatable patterns have emerged. These tried and true methods apply to any kind of direct marketing including television, print, radio, mail and the web. Through years of hands-on industry work and stellar success for our clients, 440 Group delivers exactly what you need – knowledge and experience to deliver profit. Since 1989, 440 Group and its principles have helped hundreds of businesses to achieve tremendous success through direct response marketing – from Fortune 500 companies like Bloomberg Radio, Eureka Vacuum and Pez Candy to businesses with a brilliant idea that ended up generating millions like the Pure Sleep® Stop Snoring Unit

During The Initial Concept Stage 440 Group Will:

  • Determine the target market for your product
  • Determine the best marketing methodsMake recommendations regarding patenting and trademarking your idea
  • Create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your product by carefully examining its selling points
  • Analyze all components of the product and the marketing campaign, including all cost structures and estimated profit per sale

Here’s what one of our recent clients had to say:
“We needed a direct marketing agency of the highest caliber. Nick Cirmo and his agency 440 Group were strongly recommended to us by several of our U.S associates. We knew that our international products would be popular with U.S. consumers but needed help. 440 Group walked us through a clear, step-by-step plan for success. Their thoroughness is very impressive. The most impressive aspect of their help was their foresight and knowledge of the potential problems for a marketer like us. Simply put, we could not have successfully launched and managed a U.S. campaign without 440 Group .”

 – Michele Quinlan, VP, Global Infomercial Services, Inc, Chicago, IL

Don’t rely on just any agency for your great idea, product or service. With over 24 years of hands-on experience and proven success, set up a phone consultation today!