“Braking News” from 440 Group

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Alexandria, VA — 440 Group , a full service direct response agency, has been selected by Brake Tru®, Inc. of St. Paul MN to manage its hybrid DRTV/retail short-form campaign. The Brake Tru Product is a revolutionary automotive brake rotor resurfacing pad that allows the currently 19 million automotive do-it-yourselfers to service their own brakes achieving up to 29% more rotor surface area. Brake Tru states that this translates into shorter braking distances and longer brake pad life.

By utilizing a hybrid DRTV/retail approach, 440 Group plans to target direct to consumer sales and at the same time build Brake Tru’s retail distribution. “This is a unique approach to DRTV but one that has been successful for us in the past”, says

440 Group President Nick Cirmo.

“With Brake Tru, car owners will no longer have to spend their hard-earned money on professional brake service” says Brake Tru President Pat Grinde. “They can resurface their existing rotors easily and inexpensively in their own garage. We chose

440 Group to market our product because of their extensive experience in coordinating and managing direct response campaigns.”

440 Group is a full-service direct response agency and has been serving marketers since 1989.